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Green Herbal Tea Bags (GHT)

Item # P065-0030

Antioxidant Tea

Green Tea is a wonderful gift from mother earth that has been used in Asia for over 4,000 years. Once reserved for emperors, Asian Green tea has now been discovered by the modern world and is available for all of those who have the wisdom to seek it.

Sir Jason Winters calls this superior blend of green tea Chao Phraya Tea in respect for the mighty river upon which the tea barges sailed. Chao Phraya means the River of Kings and villagers say that this special green tea is as emerald as the mountains rising in the early morning.

The ancients were right! Modern science has now revealed that Asian Green Tea contains powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial activity and other health promoting properties. Discover the wisdom of the ancients and drink Asian Green Tea for good health.

  • Brewing Instructions: Place one tea bag in a cup of hot water and steep for 1-2 minutes. Agitate as desired to make stronger tea. One teabag will make up to 3 cups of tea. To ensure a stronger and more consistent tea, we have developed a proprietary method of pre-brewing our green tea, by extracting the herbs and spraying the concentrate onto a base of natural green tea.
  • Contains: Green Tea, Red Clover Tops, Indian Sage Leaf, and spices (Herbalene Blend). Contains naturally occurring caffeine.
  • Quantity: 30 Reusable Bags

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition, or replace professional medical advice or treatment. Please seek the advice of a qualified professional for all health concerns. There is no proven cure for cancer recognized by the FDA or Western Medicine. Studies suggest that the herbs in Jason Winters Tea have blood purifying and immune system strengthening effects.