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JW Pre-Brewed Tea - 4oz Bulk

Item #A078-0004

Purifier / Cleanser

This tea has the same classic herbal combination of the tea bags, except that it is pre-brewed to maximum condensation through a special high-vacuum, low-temperature method, which allows for a shorter brewing time. All it takes is ½ teaspoon to make one cup. It’s almost instant and great for ice tea makers to! Try this quick and exceptional approach to experiencing a fine cup of beneficial tea.

  • Brewing Instructions: Brew ½ teaspoon per cup.
    Can be made into sun tea - two teaspoons per pint.
  • Contains: Red Clover tops, Indian Sage leaf, Oolong tea, Natural flavors, and Herbalene (special spice)
  • Net Weight: 4 oz

Available In 5 Natural Flavors!

Choose Either Unsweetened or Sweetened with Natural Stevia!


  • Original Formula - Item #A078-0004
  • Green Tea Blend (G.H.T) - Item #A060-0004
  • Peach - Item #A100-0004
  • Raspberry - Item #A098-0004
  • Cinnamon - Item #A096-0004
  • Peach w/ Stevia - Item #A080-0004
  • Raspberry w/ Stevia - Item #A076-0004
  • Cinnamon w/ Stevia - Item #A072-0004

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition, or replace professional medical advice or treatment. Please seek the advice of a qualified professional for all health concerns. There is no proven cure for cancer recognized by the FDA or Western Medicine. Studies suggest that the herbs in Jason Winters Tea have blood purifying and immune system strengthening effects.